Online Lash Course (Done For You)


Are you ready to start selling digital products as a lash artist/educator but have no idea where to start? 

Take the stress & hassle out of creating your own online lash course with my

"Lash Wealth" online course.


This course is a done-for-you course.

This means the course is 100% completed & ready to sell, as is.

You're also able to make edits with the templates to completely add your own branding, colors & fonts.

You’re also able to accommodate every type of learner with this course, (the visual, the reader & the auditory learner) so say goodbye to your students not learning anything or having “bad reviews” of your current courses.

I’ve linked a screenshotted video of all of the positive feedback I have received selling this course to my own students.


Now it’s your turn. 


What’s included?👇

  • 2 hours of video training
  • Hands on model training 
  • Certification template
  • Retention ebook template 
  • Marketing ebook template 
  • Building clientele workbook template 
  • Lash Training Manual template

Brand as your very own online lash course, resell & gain 100% profit.


Reviews for "Online Lash Course (Done For You)"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best Investment Ever!!

I love this course and it taught me so much, for a online course I felt like it was in person and just so amazing!

Wort the investment !

I loved the class, Mercedes explains everything you need to know to start taking clients right away!

Kaila Van Dyck
Best Course Purchase!

This is the perfect course for any lash artist, whether you're a beginner or need to refresh. I can't wait to start offering it on my website, such a great course that Mercedes is offering with resell rights!

Angelina Cappellino

Omgosh, I've been trying to get myself to put together digital products such as an E-Book and I just couldn't find the time.. Thankfully, due to this course I'm finally able to just make little tweaks or add in my own videos to personalize it, soooo much easier! So excited to add this to my website and start making money in my sleep. Thank you so much!

Brittany L.

This "done for you" online lash training course is amazing! Definitely a lot of info, and the video quality is absolutely amazing!!!! The templates are very thorough as well. I appreciate this course so much because I have been struggling on finding time to record my content for my online trainings lately. So, thank you soooooo much!